What’s Really In That Bag of Coffee?

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Panama is one of the smallest coffee growing regions but its unique coffees have become a necessity to all specialty coffee roasters of the world.
A coffee roaster seeking certain coffee beans to enhance his signature blends enjoys one of the best perks of purchasing green coffee beans. It is ‘direct farm relations’. Roasters who really want to know their coffees journey, travel the world to find certain beans with certain nuances. Earthy Naturals from Brazil and Africa, Crisp and Clean Acidity from Central America, a mild salty start and full body from Indonesia and the floral sweetness from Panama. Then like a chemist they work to make the perfect cup of coffee.
The world’s top coffee today – Boquete Gesha – has her noble lineage from seeds acquired by Don Pachi Serracin from the Center for Tropical Crops in Costa Rica back in the late 20 century. Clusters of Gesha trees are now climbing the highest hills all over Panama’s diverse microclimates – with a pleasant surprise! The abundant flavors that are exhibited produce an outstanding cup yet no one is as unique as Jaramillo Especial, the winners of this year Best of Panama.

[read Kristina Lea Miller's full article in The Bajareque Times]


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