If You Can't Even Boil Water, Brew Coldpress Coffee
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Posted by Steph on Wednesday in Coffee Brewing | Short Link

SusieQTPie tries making a espresso latte with just cold water and an AreoPress coffee maker

I was really excited to win this cool coffee maker! Because it is such a cool coffee gadget, I decided to make my first cup of espresso into a Iced Cafe Latte. Make note that I am not a cold coffee drinker! I had read somewhere that someone used a French Press to make a cold espresso. I gagged thinking about it but decided to try it out…It is best to use a fine-drip grind coffee. I used Cafe Pergolesi Espresso from Big City Coffee. I wanted to make the double espresso so the instructions said to use two AeroPress scoops of grind…

Visit the Scraps of Life blog to read the whole review and the results of the taste-test…http://cafescrapper-scrapsoflife.blogspot.com/2009/09/aeropress-iced-latte.html


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@FitAndBusyDad Fr. Press all I…
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Posted by Steph on Sunday in Caffeinated | Short Link

@FitAndBusyDad Fr. Press all I use @ home. Y I ignored espresso. Keys: rite roast 4 bean type, med. course grind, rite amt. h20, steep time


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