The Health Benefits of Irish Coffee
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Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat…

Ingredients :
Freshly Brewed Coffee
1 – Tablespoon Brown Sugar
3 – Tablespoons Irish Whiskey
Heavy Cream, Whipped until Slightly Frothy


Coffee Lovers Survive the Economic Crisis with Home Brew
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Here’s some good news if you’re looking for a seat at Starbucks.
A recent National Coffee Association poll finds US coffee consumption about the same as last year, however more Americans are drinking coffee at home.

“Consumers still see coffee as an integral part of their everyday lives,” NCA chief Robert Nelson said.

Of the people who said they had drunk coffee the previous day, 83 percent said they had made it at home — up 5 points compared with year-ago figures.

Daily consumption of gourmet coffee, which includes espresso-based drinks, fell to 14 percent, back to levels seen in 2007, he said. In 2008, this category was at 17 percent.

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