Fair Trade Coffee Business Helps The Community

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Green Mountain Coffee Helps The Community And Takes Part In Fair Trade Business

Green Mountain Coffee, producer of specialty coffee and manufacturer of coffee makers, is trying to set an example in the field by taking part in environmental and community improvement programs and exemplary business practices. Green Mountain takes part in the National River Cleanup event by encouraging workers to volunteer their time and efforts during paid work days. The program has been very successful in helping to keep rivers and streams clean for everyone to enjoy them. Employees are encouraged to do many other types of volunteer work on company time as part of a Community Action For Employees program. Green Mountain also works to directly counteract it’s own carbon footprint through evironmentalism. Green Mountain is also involved in a fair trade coffee program that guarantees the growers who supply their coffee are fairly compensated for their labor and well supplied with the tools they need to produce an excellent product.

They strive to illustrate ways that companies can maintain profits while still advancing social and environmental concerns. By openly contributing to good business behavior Green Mountain hopes to set a prime example and stimulate other companies in the coffee business to take similar action.


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