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Home Brewed Coffee: Better, Fresher Coffee and Money in Your Pocket

If you’re one of the millions of people who can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, you are probably spending a small fortune on the stuff every year…

High school kids, college students, and adults are stopping at their favorite drive-through coffee shop for their favorite $4 cup of latte.
Let’s say a household of 3 buys their latte a conservative 4 days a week. That adds up to about $50 a week or over $2000 a year!

Instead of depriving ourselves of one of life’s greatest pleasures, we need to find a way to get that cup we deserve.
With today’s tight economy it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to brewing their own coffee at home.
A cup of ‘regular’ coffee averages $1.80 in the US; you can make your own higher-quality, gourmet organic coffee for less than 40 cents!

According to Reuters, coffee consumption has remained the same while more people are brewing at home to cut costs.

Not only can you cut down the cost, you can also have some control over what your teens are drinking as well as the quality and quantity of what is being consumed. With such a great variety of coffee beans now available, we have the luxury of choosing exactly what we buy and how we choose to prepare it to our best benefit. Combine that with buying and roasting your own coffee beans and the savings really add up.
The most common method of brewing coffee in North America is the drip brew method.

Then there are other methods of preparing coffee including;
French Press(Coffee Plunger or the Bodum Press)
Turkish Coffee(or Greek coffee) and
Espresso (or Italian Coffee)
All are very interesting and flavorful in their own way.

There are all sorts of coffee brewing equipment to choose from:
convenient single cup drip brewers and presses, to large capacity commercial coffee machines.
Whatever method you choose, you will enjoy learning what works best for your family’s taste and budget,
while enjoying the great quality and freshness of home brewed coffee.


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