Easy Big City Espresso Tiramisu Recipe

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As promised, here’s our favorite, even-I-can-do-it, Tiramisu recipe…
the cinnamon is optional – I like it, but some folks say it confuses their tongue;
I think it might be the smell that throws them off….Enjoy!

[adapted from the Frugal Gourmet]

Espresso, or extra-strength Big City coffee, 1/2 cup, tepid
sugar, 1/2 cup
brandy, 1/4 cup
egg yolks, 2
mascarpone cheese, 1 pound
ladyfingers, 1/2-pound package
semisweet chocolate, 4 ounces shaved
ingredients: icing

whipping cream, fresh, 1 cup
vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon
powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons
ingredients: garnishes

cocoa powder, for dusting
cinnamon powder, for LIGHT dusting (optional)
shaved chocolate


Line the inside of a loaf pan with large sheet wax paper.
Stir espresso, sugar and brandy in mixing bowl until sugar dissolves. Reserve 1/3 cup.
Whisk egg yolks into this, and add the cheese. Whisk until smooth.
One at a time, soak ladyfingers in reserved coffee (don’t oversoak).
Place crosswise in pan, trim if necessary, and completely layer bottom.
Spread on half of cheese mixture, then 1/2 of shaved chocolate.
Repeat with ladyfingers, then remaining cheese, then rest of chocolate.
Cover with remaining ladyfingers.
Bring up flaps of wax paper, Wrap pan in plastic wrap and refrigerate 6 hours.
When serving, invert pan on serving platter, tapping bottom to remove “loaf.” Remove paper.
Whip whipping cream, vanilla and powdered sugar together until stiff. Spread over the “loaf.”
Dust with shaved chocolate.

Makes 1-8 servings ;)


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