Don't Ruin A Great Coffee With A Bad Coffee Maker

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Guest Post:
Buying Coffee Makers Online

For many people buying a coffee maker is an afterthought. They will simply go to the nearest department store or hop on the Internet and buy the cheapest coffee maker that they can find. This is often the case with buying coffee for them as well and they will often buy it without much thought. Given that most people start their days with coffee though you do not want to start your day with inferior coffee. If you are not careful with the coffee maker purchase though this could be the exact situation you find yourself in. Given this you will want to carefully pick a coffee maker and if you are a big coffee fan you will want to find gourmet coffee or organic coffee that will provide you with a very unique experience. You may have a hard time finding a great coffee maker as they may all look the same to you but this is where the Internet can come in as a great tool. By hopping online you will be able to find many reviews from true coffee lovers to help you with your selection. You can even find reviews by price range to find something that is affordable for you.


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  • Jerry says:

    The worst kind of drip coffee maker is the kind that has the heating element under the pot running too hot. I had one once that boiled the coffee — but it was a metal pot, so I couldn’t see what was happening. It took me a week to figure it out, why it was ruining some extremely good coffee. I thought it was the water, I thought maybe it was the filters — I thought, even, that the maker needed a thorough cleaning. But, no, it was boiling the coffee from the moment the drip made it into the pot. I finally figured it out by listening to it.

    By far the best coffee maker I know of is a simple French press. Second best is a cup-top brewer that drips coffee directly into your cup and you drink it immediately, without letting it sit. Third best is a coffee maker that uses a thermos type carafe instead of one that sits on a heater.

    Great site by the way!

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