Does Coffee Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer?

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A Swedish study found a statistically significant decrease in ER-negative breast cancer among postmenopausal women who had a high daily intake of coffee.

Women who drank at least five cups of coffee daily had a significantly lower risk of postmenopausal breast cancer, an analysis of two large cohort studies suggested…

The strongest association between coffee consumption and breast cancer risk was for ER-negative tumors. The combination of ER-negative tumors and heavy coffee consumption resulted in a 57% reduction in the odds for breast cancer (OR 0.43,P=0.0003). Coffee consumption also had a significant association with PR-negative tumors (OR 0.66, P=0.034).

A test for heterogeneity confirmed that the breast cancer benefits of heavy coffee consumption were significantly higher for ER-negative versus ER-positive tumors (P=0.004). The association with PR status no longer remained significant

Coffee has a paradoxical relationship with breast cancer risk. The beverage’s complex mix of caffeine and polyphenols suggests a potential to confer both carcinogenic and chemopreventive characteristics, the authors noted in the introduction to their study.

In general, previous studies have indicated that high coffee consumption might modestly reduce breast cancer risk.

“We speculate that coffee might contain compounds that differentially affect breast cancer of different ER subtypes,”  the authors added.

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