Coffee Side Effects – Are They Real?

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There are quite a few people in the world that think drinking is bad for your health. These people believe coffee makes you hyper, fidgety, and unable to focus on any given task. The key behind getting the most out of your coffee, is to consume in moderation. Remember in life, you want a balance, not to much of the good stuff, and not to much of the not so good stuff! Moderation is the key to almost everything in life. One would have to agree that got rid of all the unhealthy food and drinks in your diet, there wouldn’t be much left to enjoy. Every one is different, but I would suggest every coffee drinker limit themselves to only three cups a day to retain the healthy attributes of the coffee bean.

A cup of a espresso is favored across the world, but the greatest consumers of coffee anywhere may be the United States, Germany, and France. These three caffinated countries drink around 65% of the coffee on the globe. The annual amount of coffee drank every year is almost mind-boggling. There are about 400 billion cups of coffee drank every year world wide. There is only a small band around the world, where the climate permits coffee to be grown, but this doesn’t stop coffee from being one of the most profitable, and most exported crops world wide.

In the United States alone, there are over 100 million cups of coffee drank every single day. Studies in the past have shown that over half of the adults in America drink coffee on a daily basis. These numbers tell us that about three quarters off the adult American population has a cup of coffee almost daily.

Coffee may be the drink of selection for numerous in the United States, but don’t forget how loved a hot cup of a java is all over the world. Did you know that coffe is the second most consumed beverage every single day, right behind water? There are tons of devoted fans and followers of this dark drink, some even go as far as to call it, “the nectur of the Gods”. Below I have listed some recently discovered facts about coffee and how it can effect your health. Coffee has been thought, but now proven to have some health benefits for you.

Coffee has two main ingredients that can improve your health; those are caffeine and antioxidants. Both caffeine and antioxidants have been seen to improve not only your health, but also decrease your signs of aging. The antioxidants in coffee have been proven to help your body repair damaged cells. Free radicals are a by product created by your body daily while it creates and repairs cells.

If your drink coffee daily, you might not have to see your dentist as often. The caffeine in coffee have been studied, and has showed that it can help prevent cavities.

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