Caribou Coffee To Reopen As Peet’s Coffee
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from¬†Matthew Yglesias, Slate Magazine: Caribou Coffee, which has long struggled to compete with Starbucks, is going to be¬†closing many of its outlets on the east coast and some midwestern markets. But as a coffee drinker, I see this as good news. Most of the shuttered Caribou branches are going to reopen as Peet’s Coffee outlets…The [...]

Japanese Investors Are Buying Our Panamanian Estate Coffee
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After a tour of several farms in Boquete, Japanese businessmen acquired 600 quintals of coffee. reports: “The representatives of the Japanese stores and roasters that visited the Boquete area for three days, expressed their admiration for the dedication and care with which the Panamanians cultivate and process the coffee. After visiting the plantations and [...]

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