3 Examples of How Coffee Drinking Can Affect Your Health

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The health benefits of drinking coffee have been the focus of many studies. Drinking coffee late at night can have a negative impact on your quality of sleep.

At the same time, drinking coffee can be used as a stimulant to provide an added burst of energy. But, is drinking coffee good or bad for your health? Check below to find out ways drinking coffee in moderate amounts can be good for your health.

People who drink two or more cups of coffee on a daily basis increase their risk to develop osteoporosis. Research done with one thousand women proved that drinking a lot of coffee can deter the body from absorbing necessary vitamins and minerals from the diet. This can cause the body to get osteoporosis, which is a large reduction of bone density that is usually linked to elderly patients. Yet, some people who drink a lot of coffee have been found to have a reduction in bond density. But then again, there could be other factors in a person’s lifestyle that could be the cause of early onset of osteoporosis. These things consist of smoking, drinking and hormone using. The study also went on to say that some of the negative effects of heavy coffee drinking could be reduced by adding milk to the coffee.

Coffee drinkers may find that the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver is greatly reduced. Cirrhosis can be a symptom or leading cause of chronic liver disease whereby the normally liver tissue begins to be replaced by nodules etc. These symptoms eventually cause complete liver failure. People who drink coffee could benefit from caffeine’s strong anti-fibrotic qualities. Liver cancer incidences are significantly decreased with the link in caffeine.

As if the health concerns of drinking coffee were not enough, there is also a cosmetic impact to consider. Drinking coffee on a regular basis can cause teeth to become brown, stained, or even yellowed. Consuming large amounts of coffee also leads to dehydration a symptom of which is dry skin. Drinking regular coffee can also lead to dehydration and dry skin. Dehydration by drinking regular coffee can also lead to excessively dry skin. Wrinkles in the hands and face are often the first visible sign if dry skin. New stretch marks or an increased prominence in existing stretch marks is another sign of dry skin. Drinking coffee really can be good for your health according to research. The same study reveals that drinking too much coffee has a negative effect. Stay safe by drinking no more than two or three cups of coffee daily. This way you’ll benefit from some of the good effects coffee can have and you’ll be avoiding the more negative health risks that could be present.

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