Coffee: Benefits to Your Health?
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Posted by Steph on Wednesday in Coffee And Health | Short Link

What was bad news is now good news for coffee lovers. Earlier findings showed that coffee might raise the risk of major diseases and linked to everything from headaches to cancer. However new research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, of more than 100,000 coffee lovers, including 84,000 women showed that women who drank [...]

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Recipe: Coffee Meatloaf Sauce
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Posted by Steph on Sunday in Caffeinated | Short Link

Coffee Meatloaf Sauce: Add a tablespoon of finely ground coffee to a blend of the following ingredients: a quarter cup of water, a half a cup of ketchup, a quarter cup of dry red wine, a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce, two teaspoons of vinegar, an ounce of margarine, two tablespoons of lemon juice and [...]

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