Coffee May Reduce Your Risk for Dementia
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Posted by Steph on Thursday in Caffeinated, Coffee Facts, Health | Short Link

Coffee may have an antioxidant effect in the bloodstream, reducing vascular risk factors for dementia. A team of Swedish and Danish researchers have uncovered an intriguing link between drinking one to five cups of coffee a day and dementia. Reported in the New York Times, the study tracked coffee consumption in a group of 1,409 [...]

Coffee As An Effective Natural Asthma Treatment
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Posted by Steph on Saturday in Coffee And Health | Short Link

Studies, worldwide, have consistently shown coffee to reduce asthma symptoms. From a study conducted by a Harvard researcher to the Second National Health and Nutrition Survey and a number of European studies, the results are the same: nearly 30% of sufferers improved from consuming coffee. Correlations were also found between the amount of coffee consumed [...]

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