Drinking Coffee Can Have These Three Effects On Your Health
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Posted by Steph on Saturday in Coffee And Health | Short Link

Too many people have been convinced to give up on coffee believe it to be bad for their health. These people believe a wide range of things about coffee including that it will keep them up all night, that they will become addicted to caffeine, or even that they will need more frequent restroom breaks. [...]

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Easy Big City Espresso Tiramisu Recipe
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Posted by Steph on Monday in Coffee Recipe | Short Link

As promised, here’s our favorite, even-I-can-do-it, Tiramisu recipe… the cinnamon is optional – I like it, but some folks say it confuses their tongue; I think it might be the smell that throws them off….Enjoy! Ingredients: [adapted from the Frugal Gourmet] Espresso, or extra-strength Big City coffee, 1/2 cup, tepid sugar, 1/2 cup brandy, 1/4 [...]

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