How Much Coffee Should You Drink, If Any?
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Posted by Steph on Friday in Coffee And Health | Short Link

It’s no secret that we as Americans are concerned with our health, which is why the popular beverage of coffee is often scrutinized. Yes, coffee is addicting and delicious, but what type of benefits does it provide to your health? Numerous recent studies have shown that coffee drinkers when compared to those who abstain from [...]

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Murder by Mocha (Coffee House Mystery)
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Murder by Mocha (Coffee House Mystery) The national bestselling author of Roast Mortem serves readers a fresh new Coffeehouse Mystery. Includes chocolate recipes! A divorced, single mom in her forties, Clare Cosi is a coffee shop manager by day, an irrepressible snoop by night. When something is wrong, she considers it her mission in life [...]

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