10 Reasons Why Tea Is Better Than Coffee

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Ever been in the situation where you are caught in a dilemma between drinking/ordering tea or coffee? In this post, we will share 10 reasons as to why we feel that tea is better than coffee, and perhaps you will be convinced to switch to a cup of delicious tea!

1. Tea is way much simpler to prepare as compared to coffee.

Perhaps those who actually brew their own tea/coffee would actually agree with me. Think about this: in order to attain the best possible flavor out of coffee, you have to grind coffee beans before brewing,use a coffee machine which probably have single-use filters (means recurring effort to change filters!) As compared to tea leaves which require no expensive equipment or intense preparation, one will just need 3 simple steps to prepare a palatable cup of tea – drop in hot water, strain and pour! Tea wins hands down in this aspect!

2. Tea is a less costly beverage in the long run as compared to coffee.

True, the prices of both beverages varies accordingly to the grade, brand or even the source of purchase. As such, it is rather hard to compare based on the price itself. Yet, in the long term, one must consider the fact that many forms of teas can actually be reused and resteeped MULTIPLE times even after usage, thus costing much less per cup of coffee!

3. Tea has been a cultural icon in many parts of the world.

Tea drinking has been a central part of many traditions and ceremonies for many generations. The mere act of serving or drinking tea can actually represent one’s respect for another, or even an exchange of blessings over one’s life.  By learning how to appreciate tea, it transcends language and cultural barriers that have been existent for many years, bridging distant generations together, and thus helps to strengthen friendships or family bonds!


4. Drinking Tea Gives You A Prettier Smile.

It is proven that tea contains flouride and tannis, which are compounds which helps protect your teeth enamel and keeps plaque at bay! Drinking coffee actually stains your teeth instead! (However, this only works if you are drinking unsweetened versions of tea, of course!)

5. Tea Is Much Tastier Than Coffee.

Coffee, on its own, has a rather dark and bitter taste. Even several coffee drinkers cannot stand the taste of coffee on its own, and turn to sweeteners and milk to enhance the taste of their coffee. Tea, on the other hand, is less bitter, and is rather widely enjoyed all over the world without the addition of additives of any kind.

6. Tea Helps In Dieting.

There are no calories in tea, unless sweeteners or milk is added. Tea has been drunk as a dieting supplement due to its known fact that it can help boost metabolism in our bodies. This means that we can burn additionally up to 50 or 60 calories a day by drinking 4 cups of tea! Thus, it helps dieters achieve their aims to lose weight faster. (Please do exercise frequently and watch your diet as well though!)

7.  Tea Is Known To Be A Stress Reliever.

Several herbal teas, such as Lavender Tea or Chamomile Tea, helps induce relaxation and induces sleep. It is a common remedy for those suffering from depression, or insomnia.

8. Tea Slows Down The Aging Process.

Antioxidants found in tea are said to protect our bodies form pollution or infections. It also helps to minor the ravage of aging. Perhaps the reason why the Asians, primarily Japanese, have much younger and vibrant skin is due to the massive amount of green tea that they consume as their daily lifestyle! Also, tea is a significant factor in strengthening bones against osteoporosis.

9. Tea Has Much Less Caffeine Then Coffee.

There is two to three times more caffein in coffee than tea. If you can’t handle coffee than go for tea, which contains 30 to 40 mg caffeine per cup rather than 135 mg. Drinking several cups of coffee a day increase one’s susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis, and  can also contribute to high blood pressure.

10. Tea Is A Much Healthier Alternative.

There are countless health benefits that tea can help provide. Some of them includes cancer, heart disease and kidney stones prevention. Tea also decreases triglycerides and free fatty acids in your bloodstream, while coffee contains cafestol, a fat-like chemical that actually can increase your cholesterol levels. Tea is a digestive aid, which helps to  flush the digestive system. Furthermore, unlike coffee, tea has almost no carbohydrates, fats or proteins.

More health benefits of tea.

So Here you go! 10 Reasons Why Tea Is Better Than Coffee! We hope that this article can help fix your dilemma between tea and coffee!


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